“Yarg! Another undefeated battle! Good work Jonny!”

“Thank you sir!”

bob and i where watching our idol, the greatest pirate of all time! Blackbeard! but he is a human. oh, we love him so much. I love pirates so much that i made a group, the Pifis, but its not working out very well. Me, bob, and the blips are the only ones in Pifi. Oh, blips are little balls of light that will follow your every order. They work my ship. I got the blips when i got Bob.

  “captain! Um... Land ho!” said a blip.

“oh, ok. come on bob lets go get more people.”

He nodded.  we walked out on the deck of lift land. I could smell the rotting fish guts so fowl in the air.

“lets try this again.”

We got off the ship and went to the flying tavern. no one can see bob. he is a ghost armadillo so no one can see him.

  We Went up to the bar to Chekola. he is the bar keeper. he had wine stains on his shirt. the place wasn't that busy. “hey, you put up the flyers?”

“ya. um.. can i join? your pifi group i mean.”

“you have to pass the test.”

“oh, i'm no good at that. On every test i only get one answer right! my name. thats not even a question, is it?”

shay looked at bob and shook her head. “no, i don't think so.”

“Oh, hey if we are good friends can i be in it?”

“no, sorry”

“oh man”


shay whispered as quietly as she could to bob, but not quiet enough. Chekola  Scowled at me

   “you are on at..oh what was it? let me get the boss. I forgot. hold on”

He left to get the boss. the look on his face was very panicky. i already talked to him. he is the mayor of lift land. he is the meanest and wants ‘the best for his people’ translation he wants the best of the best for him. it took a lot to convince him to let me look for fairies here. the boss came out on the phone.

“he insulted my blip! Oh. fire the blip and rehire a new one!”

He was not in a jovial mood.

  Chekola went up to him nervous and was talking to him. he pointed at me for a second. The boss look over said something and came over to me.

“hey...can i join your...your...um...?”

“crew? you have to pass the test.”

“you know your... i cant fire you. you want a job?”

“No! this is my job. Just tell us”


“me and bob, what time we are on.” “Who’s bob?”

“he’s right next to.....oh ya you cant see.......never mind.”

“who’s bob?”.

“imagery friend.”

the boss mumbled “

i wanted to be in her crew?” i could hear him.

“ yes, yes you did.”

  “when do we go on?”

“Here we go with the ‘we’ again!”

“yes! When do we go on!”

“why should i tell you and your stupid imaginary friend!?”

“oh no! did you just insult my friend?!” “oh ya i did! you know what! your dumb ‘pifi’ can be gone!”

“no! Please we need this. we will do anything!”

“prove your pirate sprit then!”

Bob tapped on my shoulder, i looked at him and he pretended to zip his mouth. Bob cant talk, yet. we are working on it.

   he pointed around the room. i looked and saw everyone staring at us. i didn't realize it but i was standing and our faces where almost touching

“sorry I yelled. may we please still do our group interviews?”

“no! never ever. leave this land forever!” “please be the nice sincerer fairy i know and please let us interview?”

“ let me spell it n...o! no!”

“please please please let us interview.” “no! give it up!”

tears where just about to drop down my eyes. he just wouldn't give it up!

“look. i know your mad but please let us- i mean me interview. please?”

“no.” he whispered.

  “look. i'm trying to be as nice as i can but your an old bitter wrinkly fairy and you don't know real and honesty want for something. get over your hate for everything and please let us. please. if you say no again everyone is going to no who you really are.” “n.....um...ye...s..yes. ok. Your on at 2 o’clock.”

  The boss left and chekola came up to me with a surprised look on his face

“you stood up to him. he talked to you in a calm voice after you yelled at him! he never acted like that”

“lets get off that subject. Its,”

i look at the clock then back at Chekola, “one thirty. get the table ready. Oh, can i have one rum and one water?”

Chekola sighed and said,

“ya, i guess so. what type of rum?”

“don't act like that, your best kind please.”

   A girl in black, obviously a cat type sat by me.

“one Shirley Temple please. those flyers in town said to come here for the Pifis? where are they?”

“they come at two.” chekola came to me and said

“looks like you already have a customer.” “i know.”

the cat type said

“i like how you stood up to him. your one brave fairy. your ghost armadillo is cool too.”

I stared at her and said, “you can see him?”

“ya you cant?”

“i can no one else can, so i thought.” “oh, hi my name is Felony.” she  said as she handed me her ...um...paw...or...hand? i don't know what to call it.

“shay” i said as shaking her hand paw thing.

  “your the one in charge of the Pifis thing! oh please let me join. I hate it here!”

“auditions are at two.”

“oh man i hope i make it. life here is”

“hey felony! whats on your tail?” she lifted her tail to her face and saw the horribly written note that said ‘kiss my furry butt!’ she ripped it off. the cat fangs where starting to come out. she crumbled it and through it at them.

“like that”

  “wow. i know how you feel,”

i handed her a paper

“here is the questions that we are going to ask. you seem like a nice fairy. i hope you make it. you probably will.” “thanks. that really brings up my confidence.”

“no problem. um...hey chekola where is my water and rum?!”

“sorta having a problem with the machine! it will be out in a moment!”

“do you need any help?!”

“um...ya! i could use some help!”

“ok coming! ill be right back...felony right?”

“ya. shay right?”

“ya” she smiled her sharp fangs as i hopped over the bar and walked into the back room.

  i opened the door and saw the drink machine. it was pouring out water and wouldn't stop. chekola came out of another room with a whole bunch of cups. next to the machine was a bunch of filled up cups.

“there you are! please help. get more cups. there in that room over there.”

he nodded his head toward the door he came out of.

“ you go get cups...ill look at the machine.”

“but there is no way to fix it!”

“just go”

i started to walk toward the machine. “hey watch out for the water on the floor.”

i looked down and carefully stepped. i got over to the machine, found the water dispenser, and saw that the latch was stuck. i grabbed the latch and pulled. it released and the water stopped.

  chekola came out with more cups.

“put them back. get a mop.”

“you fixed it! how?”

“the latch was stuck. get a mop and some rags.”

i said it in a stern and annoyed voice. chekola didn't say a word. he didn't WAnt to push any buttons. he went back. i grabbed some filled cups went over to the sink and emptied them.

“here you go.”

“empty the cups.”

  “ok. you ok?”

“Im o...”

i was a little aggravated. i thought of the horrible ‘ifs’. What if the only fairies i can have on my crew is fairies like chekola. that would be horrible. i should call abandon ship now. i need these fairies. they need me. chekola shacked me.

“hey! why did you do that?”

“you weren't listening to me!”


  to change the subject i grabbed the mob and smiled.

“lets get to work.”


chekola grabbed the rag and started drying. then the worst happened. the boss ran in and slipped. i jumped back and slipped while grabbing on to chekola. he came down too.

  “what is this all about!”

“oh did you hurt your butt? poor baby!”

“ you know what shay...no. i didn't. clean this up.”

“yes sir!” he got up and walked out. I got up. my dress i was wearing was soaking wet! ugh! i cant believe it! i might be tough be i still care about how i look.

   the boss slowly walked back in and went up to chekola.

“your mom is on the phone in my office” “oh man. you can clean up right?”


“why you have to say that in front of her”

he said whispered to the boss as his eyes moved toward me. i heard him. i smiled as he walked out of the room. the boss glared at me smiling at the same time. as he walked out i got the mop and started cleaning.

  about ten minutes later chekola came running in and grabbed the mop. go get changed! Your interviews start in five minutes! “ok ok! hey can you set up the table?” “ya, of course.” “oh one more thing.” “what?” “what did you talk to your mom about?” i said in a giggly voice. “shut up!” as i left the room i told bob to go get me a new outfit. a nice one. he is a lot faster than me.

  as he left chekola came out stared at me and said

“why aren't you getting a change of clothes?!”

“wait for it.”

“ok. if you interview in a wet outfit its not my fault!”

“ok. hey where is my soda and water?”

“ i got to..”

“ill get the tables. in stead of root beer.. i want rum. Im in the mood right now.”


He walked out and i got the tables and papers in order.

  bob sneaked in with a new cute outfit, gold of course. i grabbed it and ran in the bathroom. i had tights and a under shirt on. i pulled off the dress and tights reviling my bare long legs. i had a undershirt underneath my dress. I put on the stretch pants and shirt. i ran out finding bob siting in the chair i set out for him. i walked and sat in the other one.

  chekola came out with a water and rum and started to sit down in the chair bob is in.

“hey! get out of that chair!”

“oh sorry. forgot about ‘bob’. so...you ready because im your first”

he said.

“ya sit down”

He started to sit in bobs chair again. “over there!”

“ok, sorry”

i pulled out a paper. bob had the question paper.

“your type?”

“bar type”


“1732 years old” (for how long fairies live that is young.)

“any experience on sea?”


“ok. all done.”

that wasn't all the questions but we stop as soon as we find something wrong.

“already? wow how i do?”

“not so good.”


“ya sorry.”

  about three more fairies where in line. the boss can out and pushed the others away.

“my turn”

“all done. next!”

“i didn't get a single question!”

“well i don't want you on my team. next!” “ask me one question!”

“no! Next!”

felony came up and pulled him away as hard as she could. bob was helping.

“get your....paws off of me! im going ok?!?!”

they let go. felony went to the back of the line.

“hi. wow that was cool!”

a girl with big glasses and a stuffed up voice said that.

“im next”

she said as she sat down.







“any experience on sea.”



“crew member for a club to the 7 seas high”

“any bonded animals?”


“you are aware that you will leave everything behind?”


“what do you know about pirates?”

“they surf the sea”

i was not convinced with this one. should i end it now? not yet. one more question.

“what makes you unique?”

“i have no friends or family. they all hate me”

she said with a frown close to tears. she had her head down and cried and peaked at me then cried some more. she was lying.

   “mmhhmmm. ya so next!”


“i cant have a cry baby on my crew. bob cross her off the list.”

“whose bob?”


chekola came out and walked over to flutter.

“im going!”

she walked away and showed the next girl. sat down and grabbed fresh gum and put it in her mouth.

“glits, 1799, pop, yes, co captain, no, yes, horrible outfits but yours is fab! i have a scary wierd memory. anything else?” “ya next.”

“when did you lose me?”

“when you sat down. next.”

she walked up and left. now felony. this will be fun.

  “Felony, but you already now that.”

she said while smiling and handing out her paw. i shook it and she handed it to bob who also shook it.



“a lil older than me.”

“how old are you?”

“1873 and a half. any experience on sea?” “ya. well sorta. if swimming counts but im a fast learner.”

“prove it”

“do you know how to make a cutie catcher?”


“i dont show me and ill learn first time.”

i took out a piece of paper and folded ripped folded turned folded and done. she did the exact same thing first time. she had a little bit of trouble but that is normal.

“nice, any bond?”

“n...well sorta”

i would of stopped right there but i felt like i need her.

“what is it?”

“a do- i mean cat. cat. totally a cat.” “you can bring her cant you?”


“you are aware that-”

“yes, yes i am.”

“what do you know about pirates?”

“they go out looking for stuff they need. what do you need?”

i had a sudden flashback of my mom when i first started my adventures. depressed ill and  isolated.


“oh sorry. you made it. you passed come here tomorrow at 7:30 with everything done.”

“ok! thank you so much, you wont be sorry!”

i got up and saw the huge line. i walked around the table and to make this go faster i said

“anyone older than 5500 leave or you got dared to do this or you have friends and family here that you like or you don't know much about the sea please leave!” and everyone left. i put the chairs and table away and left.