Getting ready


I ran home as fast as I can. I cant believe I made the PIFI! Gypsy is going to FREAK! Gypsy is my pet dog. I have sorta bonded with her. Only I can understand her. I walked in my apartment. Gypsy jump on me. Her big black coat glimmered the light. Her big brown eyes looking at me as if we hadn't seen each other in years! Her rough paws pressing against my chest. This was my home.

  Life caught up with me and i realized the door was open in front of me with Gypsy and me in the hallway.

“Um....Gypsy you silly kitty! Go back inside!” Gypsy looked around suddenly her eyes went wide and she ran inside. No one can know I hate cats! If they do...more torture.

  I walked inside and closed the door. “That was close!” Gypsy looked at me smiled her tail wagging wildly and cocked her head. “I made PIFI and, oh shoot!” Gypsy stopped her wagging tail and frowned. “How am I suppose to disguise you?” Gypsy thought for a moment, wagged her tail and ran to my room. I walked over and entered the room. Clothes thrown everywhere. “What are you doing?” She had my shirt in her mouth. It had a cat in it. A black cat with a LONG CURLIY TAIL!!! “Gypsy! Thats brilliant! Im going to go to the store to get you a costume.” She put her tail in between her legs head down eyes wide and up. “Oh its ok.” I kneeled down and pat her head.

  “Do you wanna pack our stuff for sea? Ill bring motion sickness patches too, just in case. You should practice meowing too. Ok?” She nodded. I ran out the door opened it. I was looking at Gypsy. “ill be right ba-” Suddenly I saw my landlord glaring at me.

“Who where you talking to?”

“My cat, Gypsy. I have to go to the store. Im going out to sea, ill turn in the keys once I leave..ok?”


“I cant pay it now. Im moving.”

“You can leave as soon as you pay your bill.”


I closed the door and ran off.

  “meoafff!” Gypsy was practicing. She is very loud. I ran across the street to the bus stop. I approached the bench and sat down.

“The bus just left,” said a tall fairy, “looks like your in a rush...need a ride?”

“Ya...I need to go fast. I don't care if your a stranger.” We walked to his car.  He opened the door and I sat down. He close it walked around opened the door and sat down. Oh no. I shouldn't of said yes. But I don't want Gypsy to get into to much trouble. Oh boy.

   “So, whe-,”

“Market. Hurry!”

“Ok. In a rush much.” He said as he turned on the car and started to go. I swear we got every single stop sign, stop light, and traffic in the island. Finally we got there.

“I’ll wait here for you.” He said but I was already out of the car. I flew as fast as I could. Flying is faster but gets very tiring. I went in got the patches and costumes. Three of them just in case. I flew over and grabbed some water. I was thirsty!

    I open my wallet...ouch. Ten dollars left. I used it and got a penny back. Grabbed my bags and flew. Im not going to be able to go on the ship if I cant pay rent! Im going to have to tell Shay. I flew to the car opened the door and sat down.

“To where you picked me up.”

“All right! Jeas-”


   A car was about to run into us when he turned on the car! He stepped on reverse and turned away. I heard a sharp horrible sound hurting my ears! What was that sound? We stopped and I realized I was screaming. That is what the sound was. I stopped. I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest! The car was inches in front of us. “OW!”

“Sorry, go I need to get home.”

“Cant now, I need to check the damage.”

“What damage?! Now lets go!”

“Hold on! By the way, you might want to know, my name is Quana.”

“Ok, hurry up!”


  He walked out and another car headed toward him.


I pointed to the car he looked and jumped out of the way. The car was coming straight for ME! I tried to unbuckle but ended up scratching it off. I was just opened the door when the car hit the car I was in and pushed me out the car.

I caught myself. “Quana?” Fairies where all around me.

“Im all right fairies! Where is Quana?”

“Over there” He was walking over to me. “Are you ok...”



“Yes are you?”

“Ya....Felony move.”


“MOVE!” He yelled as he pulled me away. Another car was coming. Who is doing this? I got up and ran pulling Quana with me. “Hey!” The car was following us.

“There after us! Quana, run that way!” I yelled and pointed in the opposite direction. He did and the car followed me. Why me? What did I do?

  I ran to a brick wall turned around and right as the car was inches in front of me I jumped. The car went under me and crashed. I landed on the roof of the car.

“WOW!” So many fairies came. I jumped down and opened the door of the car. A flamingo sat there bruised and unconscious.

  A flamingo? What?

“Who is it?” I heard Quana say.

“A Flamingo?”

“A Flamingo?”

“Ya. Weird right?”

“Hell ya. Do you still wanna ride home.”

“There after me. If you feel like almost dyeing then ok.”

“Ok..Lets go.”

“Wait..your car..its practically dead.”

“Well then lets take it on its last ride.”

“Ok. Are you sure?”

“Ya” And we just walked away. Can you believe it? Normally I would help with clean up, but I don't know. Something about Quana got me to just walk away. Weird.


   “Thanks for almost dyeing with me.”


I closed the door and flew to my apartment.

“Meowffffffgrk!” At least she is getting better. I walked to the door opened it and the bags where packed Gypsy was no where in sight. “Meoarf!”

It was coming from my room. I walk to my room and noticed the porch door was wide open. I closed it turned around and saw....

  “GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!!!!!” It was another FLAMINGO!!! “Gawk? Gan! Cococo! Lamontakla!” It spoke a different language. My claws came out as two more entered the room eyes wide. Im going to have to get used to this. The door opened and Shay came in and took a small gun out of her shoe. I didn't notice it before. She shot it three times aiming at each one. All got hit. A golden pellet hit them on the head and it distracted them. They looked at it examined it then Shay went over and pulled them out closed the door.

  “I was nev- Felony? You gotta be kidding me!”

“What? Those Flamingos are trying to kill me!”

Gypsy came out and sat by me.

“Um..arnt you cat type?”

“Ya, why. Oh Gypsy go...just go.”

“You like dogs don't you. Its ok. Ill keep it a secret. Flamingos are my natural enemy.”

“Oh, thank you. Why? And is that why there trying to get me?”

“Ya, hold on.”

  She picked up her gun and shot right next to me. I figured it out and turned around with my claws out. The gold hit his head and I scratched it. “Wow. I knew that you where good.”

“Thank you.”

“Grrrr....Meowrrrrrrrrrrgrf.” Gypsy was biting the Flamingo.

“Oh, good girl!” Shay grinned and was about to walk out.

“Oh, If you want and go fast I can take you to my ship now?”

“Ya, about that.”

“What?” She was very concerned.

“I have to pay my bill before I leave.”


“I don't have enough money.”

“That is fine. You can pay me back. How much is it and how much do you have?”

“It is $392 and I have a penny.” I said the penny part slowly and softly.

“Oh. Cheap place. You must be really poor, no offense.”

“None taken.”

“Ill pay for you.”

“Thank you. Im going to go pack.”

I said as I ran out of the room. All the bags were packed except for the new stuff. I went back in the room and grabbed the bag where I dropped it.

“Do you want some water? Anything?”


“I don't have that.”

“What do you have?”

“Really, I don't know. You can go look if you want.”

I walked in gave Gypsy the costumes.

“This should fit you. I got extras just in case. Put the patches in our bag. Ok?”


I went back out to check on Shay.


“Im right here.”

“Oh sorry. I thought you where in the other room. Where are the cups?”

“Top left cupboard.”



“Gypsy! You look like a cat! How does it fit?”


“Ill take that as a yes. Oh Shoot!”

“What?” Shay was drinking some water.

“I don't have any cat food.”

“Ill get it for you.”

“Thank you so much!”

“No problem. You just really go to help me now. Follow everything I say and pay attention when im teaching you.”

“Ok. I will.”

Gypsy came out.


“All done,” I kneeled to the ground, “You silly little puppy you. Oh ya you are!”

“Ruff! Ruff!” Her tongue was sticking out flying everywhere.

“Haha. Your so cute! Hey, where is Bob?”

“At the ship. I told him to stay behind. Are you ready?”

“Ya. Are you ready puppy!”


“Ok let me get the bags.” I walked in m room and grabbed the bags. They where very light. Normal... for us at least. I walked back out and went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge the light went on then off again. My ceiling light went off too. The fan stopped. He shut off my power. In the dim light from the porch door I saw Shay grab her gun out of her shoe.

“Its ok. My landlord just turned off my power again.”

“But thats not it.”


“Lesson one, Smell”

“Is that the title or..”

“Smell!” I flinched and smelt the air. I breathed in a sour smell. Like when Gypsy gets wet and runs anywhere she can get dirty. I cant believe I didnt smell it before. Shows how distracted I was.

“If that isnt Gypsy then...who is that? Or what?”



“No, The buddha, Yes a flamingo!” She said it in a sarcastic tone. Her temper and attitude changes fast around flamingos.

“So...What n-”

“Shhhh!” I flew out my claws.

“Goop” It was a lil sound but I could here it. That is what my ears are for. I dropped my bag quietly and walked out. I went to the bathroom and looked in.

“Felony. What are you do-” Right when I looked in it jumped out.

“Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga!!!”


“Why its only one fla- oh boy.” I turned around and saw saw...I swear it had to be dozens, no hundreds of flamingos. I flew to the kitchen grabbed the bag and flew out the wide open door and down the hall. I saw Gypsy waiting for me and Shay was flying out.

“Come on Gypsy.” I picked her up and flew out. Behind me all I heard was ‘gam geek goop coo’



“Where to?!”

“Meok” Gypsy was slipping. She is afraid of heights.

“Its ok.” Shay stopped. I kept going.

“Why did you stop!?”

“We are high enough. They cant get to us. They cant fly.” I stopped.


“Go to my ship.”

“But what about my apartment?”

“No time!”


“No! Just follow me.”

“Ok.”  We went to the port where there was a huge boat that is never there!

“She’s beautiful! That is your ship right?”

“It is about to be!”  She landed on the boat took out her gun and pointed it at the captain.

“This is our boat now. Call abandon ship.”

“Why should I?” he said as he pulled out his gun. I had to do something! That is why she hired me right? I looked around and saw the crew taking out there gun. Oh boy. Gypsy took guard. I pulled out my claws closed my eyes and counted to myself. Three, Two, One, Zero. I open my eyes and Gypsy jumped and bit the first guy which made him swing his arms around and shoot the guy next to him. That guy grabbed another guy as they fell over board. Bob came and tripped the biggest guy as he ran up to me. THat made me awake. I went into kill mode. I ran on all fours toward another guy, jumped up in front of him and through him over board. I though another and another then I heard a gun shot. I stopped and realized Shay got shot! She fell to the floor. No, no, NO! I ran up and he tried to shoot me. Miss, Miss, Miss. I slapped him across the face and through him over board.

“Umm..... Felony.” said Shay!!!

“Oh My Gosh! I though you got shot!”

“I faked it.”

“So I suggest we go.”

“Yes” Shay whistled and a wave of light came rushing from another boat.

“Yes sir!!!!” they all said. They where balls of light in different colors but no legs, arms, nose, ears, or body. They only have eyes. And in stead of walking they floated.

“What are these?”


“Very funny. But really what are they?”

She looked at me and said “Blips”

“Oh, What are blips?”

“Those guys” She said as she pointed at them.

“Is it just me or do you change moods a lot?”

“Im bipolar yes.”

“I thought so.”

“Start up the boat fast!”

“Why fast?”

“One word. Flamingos.”


“He is terrified of flamingos. And the rest are terrified of him.”

“Are the flamingos really coming?”

“No, but the police are so.”

“Ahh. Should we take a tour an figure our rooms?”

“Yes we should. After we take down the flag. Oh that reminds me, Yo Beem!”

“Sir yes Sir!”

“Did you get the jolly roger?”

“Yes Sir! Here you go Sir!”

“Thank You. Dismissed”

“You have your own jolly roger!”

“Yes, would you do the honors?”

“Ok. How?”

“First take down the flag.”


“Go to the ropes and pull one of the lines.”

“Ok”, I walked over to where the flag was only higher and pulled on a rope. And it stopped.

“Try another!” So i pulled on another and the flag lowered down.

“Ok. Now what?

“Once it is down take it off the carabiners and put the new one on.”